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  • Milli & Emma

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Milli & Emma

Read their story below and donate just £4.69 to help train more dogs like Emma Donate now

Milli & Emma's Story

Meet Milli and her ‘hero assistance dog’ Emma. Milli (aged eight) was born with Down’s syndrome and also suffers with a very serious heart condition.

Having already undergone had two open heart surgeries – the first at just four months old – it’s no surprise that her dad, Steve, calls her his ‘little diamond’.

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Milli's best friend Emma

Gorgeous golden retriever Emma joined the family a year ago and changed their lives. Emma’s specialist training means that she is able to carry out a series of tasks for her beloved friend such as retrieving Milli’s medicated drinks for her when she’s lost them and delivering soothing ‘head rests’ when Milli gets out of breath and anxious. Currently, Emma is learning to help Milli on with her coat!

Most of all though, Emma is Milli’s best friend and has improved her confidence and overall happiness. “It’s almost like Emma’s turned a light on for Milli and given her the confidence to shine as brightly out in the wider world as she does at home,” says Steve. 

"It wouldn't be a family without her now"

The help Emma gives extends far beyond practical support. “As soon as Milli’s home from school, she piles in for a big cuddle with Emma and spends lots of time talking to her and stroking her which really helps to bring down her anxiety,” Steve explains.

Perhaps the biggest change in Milli is her level of confidence. “While Milli is a bubbly, happy and confident child within the known environment of her family and close friends, she used to be quite different outside. Now, she will happily chat to people and loves introducing them to ‘My Emma.’”

Emma has changed life for Milli but also for the whole family. "It wouldn't be a family without her now."

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